Hi, Ginger from A Free Soul Abroad here. Welcome to my page and thanks for showing up.

A little introduction won’t hurt I guess. After years of traveling and living in different countries, I decided after a LOT of thinking

(fellow overthinkers and introverts: hi) to start my blog.

Originally from France – not from Paris though – France is still bigger than what you think, it’s at 22 that I left “home” to find myself.

The Start

Olympic Park in Seoul

After my studies and some student jobs, I left everything behind without knowing what was waiting for me.

I first flew to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and lived a year there. What was supposed to be a one year trip became something more. It became my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Traveling opened my eyes to a whole new world and since I couldn’t get enough of it, I decided on a whim to leave for Southeast Asia, more precisely Laos.

This experience was something else as it made me grow and see the world differently. So much that I made it my resolution to explore as much as I could this part of the world.

Since then, I traveled to many different countries, exploring and immersing myself in the various cultures I met along the way.

The Future

The adventure is far from the end as the universe is vast and there are still two whole continents that I didn’t even explore yet.
What else can I say besides that I found what makes me truly happy and free?!!

That’s the reason why I created A Free Soul Abroad to share tips, stories and behind the scenes.

I also want to show you than traveling long time is possible even on a low budget.
I won’t sugarcoat anything, it’s true that traveling comes with challenges too and that sometimes you have to make choices.
But it’s also rewarding and life changing as you learn a lot more through the people you meet or the experiences you live.

I personally think that it makes you stronger and better. I just hope that this blog and I will help you in your projects and that we can share the freedom and happiness of traveling together.