As I thought this place shouldn’t be overlooked and I also like local places, I couldn’t resist sharing Taitung Forest Park with you. It’s not a tourist attraction, perhaps because Taitung isn’t really considered a must-see place and people tend to stop here for a short while and not appreciate what the town has to offer. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this quiet and surprising town. And now, let’s discover the underrated Taitung Park!

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Taitung Forest Park in a few words

Nicknamed the “Black Forest” by locals for its tall, dark oxwood trees that offer protection from the strong coastal winds, this huge park is the ideal place to relax and get some exercise.
The whole park is magnificent, but as 280 hectares is a lot to cover, I’ve selected the best sights for you.

Highlights Of The Park

1. The Entrance

Taitung Forest Park yellow trees

You don’t have to go very far inside the park to come across a stunning and colorful environment. Need I say that I fell in love at first sight? I was, and it proved to me once again that traveling without expecting anything is in fact the best way to be pleasantly surprised!

2. Flower Tunnel

Flower tunnel in Taitung Forest Park

After seeing signs inviting us to slow down in the tunnel, my friend and I simply decided to get off our bikes and take as many photos as we could. The colors, peace and beauty of the tunnel instantly calmed my mind.
If you’re a photographer or just enjoy taking pictures of your surroundings, I guarantee this park offers plenty of places to do so.

3. Egret Lake

Egret Lake in Taitung

I didn’t get to see the egret, but I did enjoy the serenity of the lake and satisfied my hunger with a few snacks at the same time. Now that’s what I call lunch with a view!

4. Pipa Lake

Pipa lake in Taitung

The smallest of the three lakes in the park, Lake Pipa is nonetheless the most famous of them all, with locals even calling it a Taitung must-see.
Anyway, for me, the best way to appreciate its beauty was to sit on one of the nearby benches, breathe and watch the reflection of the trees in the lake. How romantic, isn’t it?

5. Taitung Seaside Park

Taitung Seashore park

What I really liked about Taitung Forest Park is that it actually combines the forest and the ocean, the maritime park being its extension. It’s the best place to enjoy the sea view and the sunrise.
Whether you decide to walk, cycle, jog…, feel the sea breeze on your face and watch the waves crash onto the shore.

There’s even an international landmark here, in the form of a tree house.
Be sure to check it out before or after your visit to Taitung Forest Park!

How to get around Taitung Forest Park

green bike in Taitung Forest Park

You can choose to walk around the park, but I’d strongly advise you to rent a bike, as 280 hectares is a lot, and you might not want to spend all day in the park.
What’s more, cycling is fun, less tiring and you’ll be sure to see all the highlights while still having enough time to rest between places.

You can rent a bike at the park entrance and it’s not expensive: NT$100 (around $3).

How to get there

The park is open from 07:30am to 19:30pm. There is a small entrance fee of NT$30 (around $1).

Address: No. 300號, Huatai Rd, Taitung City, Taitung County

Getting there is easy: you can walk, as the park is quite close to the city center, and if you’re staying nearby, it will take you between 30 and 45 minutes on foot.

Alternatively, take the bus from the bus station and hop on the Luhaikong Express B or the Downtown Sightseeing Circular (Reverse Circulation) and stop at Taitung Forest Park. This will cost you NT$25.

Tip: don’t forget your EasyCard if you take the bus or any other means of transport!

Little-known places are usually among my best memories, and Taitung Forest Park proved me right. The beauty and serenity of nature are truly ingrained in this place. I’d heard so many “bad” things before going to Taitung that I wondered if I should even go, but as I always say, you have to see for yourself before making a decision.

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