Sometimes difficult to pronounce (I challenge you to say Paleokastritsa 3 times as fast as you can), this village around 25 km from Corfu proves once again that the Greek islands have much more to offer than mythology.

Whether you’re looking for stunning beaches, splendid underwater creatures or just want to relax with a cocktail in hand at sunset, I’d say you can definitely put Paleokastritsa on your travel bucket list.

Here’s my guide to the things you can do when visiting this beautiful village.

Best time to go

Going during high season may not be the best choice if you can avoid it. This once little-known village has become very busy and touristy over the years. But if you can, plan your trip for late September as I did and you’ll be rewarded with peace and quiet and far fewer crowds.

The only drawback will probably be that the buses don’t run as much as in high season, but if you check the timetables a little in advance, you’ll be fine.

And don’t worry about the weather or temperatures. In September, Paleokastritsa is always sunny and the water is warm enough for a swim.

How to get to Paleokastritsa from the airport

Once you’ve landed in Corfu, you can take a cab, which will cost you between $50 and $65 for 25 minutes.

You can also take the bus – well, two buses, since you’ll have to get to the terminal (Kerkyra) first. This is 1.3 km from the airport, so you can walk there if you wish, or take a shuttle bus. Then take the green A9 bus to Paleokastritsa, here’s the timetable link> A9 – Paleokastritsa.

The green buses are in fact the best way to get around the village and Corfu. You can check out the different routes on their website by clicking on the link I’ve put above.

Best things to do in Paleokastritsa

1. Paleokastritsa beach

Paleokastritsa beach
Photo by Maria Muradova on Unsplash

A trip to Paleokastritsa wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Paleokastritsa beach. The water is not deep and families tend to enjoy sunbathing and playing with their children. How can you blame them when you see that turquoise water?

And if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can always hire a canoe or one of the many pedal boats to explore the caves and/or see the underwater life.

2. Agia Triada Beach

Agia Triada beach in Paleokastritsa

Agia Triada beach is one of the many places where you can watch the sunset. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a last cocktail and end the day in style. Just 10 minutes from the town center, it’s also a great place to take a stroll before dipping your toes in the water.

Be careful, however, not to slip or hurt your feet, as the sea bed is covered with pebbles. You can always bring your own water shoes, or buy some from a local store.

The beach is also renowned for diving and snorkeling, so grab your mask and fins. Many species await you beneath the surface!

3. La Grotta Bar

La Grotta in Paleokastritsa

This is one of my favorite places in Paleokastritsa, and I even celebrated my birthday here. Good music and cocktails (especially their Apple Martini), as well as delicious food and friendly people. It was my place of choice whenever I wanted to enjoy the relaxed village atmosphere.

Surrounded by cliffs from which people jump, the atmosphere is even more impressive at night when the bay and rocks are illuminated.

4. Rent a pedalo

Blue waters in Paleokastritsa

As I said earlier, the absolute must-do during your stay in Paleokastritsa is to rent a pedalo. In my opinion, it’s the best way to discover the secret caves at your own pace.

It’s also cheap (less than $10/hour), and all you have to do is ask for one on the beach. There are plenty of friendly vendors waiting for you.

You can get some exercise while escaping tourists on the beach, but also discover otherwise inaccessible coves.

5. Ampelaki Beach

Paleokastritsa is packed with breathtaking scenery. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and can’t marvel any longer, you come across another gem.

Ampelaki beach is a small pebble beach, but less crowded and quieter than Agia Triada.

Make sure you bring water shoes too, as the water is full of rocks!

6. Liapades Beach

Liapades beach in Paleokastritsa

I know what you’re thinking – another beach, eh? Paleokastritsa is a beach-lover’s paradise, with so many beaches you just can’t get enough. By which I mean I’ve never tired of it!

The good thing is that all the beaches are not far apart, so it’s easy to explore a different one every day.

And when you see the surrounding beauty while swimming in the warm water, you tend to completely forget all your worries!

7. Snorkeling

The water at Paleokastritsa is crystal-clear, so you don’t need to be fully equipped to see the underwater life. I used only goggles and enjoyed observing the different species of fish and starfish.

Not to mention the spectacular and captivating blue plankton right beneath my feet.

8. Rovinia Beach

Rovinia beach in Paleokastritsa

Surrounded by green cliffs, Rovinia beach is one of my favorite spots in Paleokastritsa. There are no sun loungers to rent here, the space is totally free of any noise that might disturb the peace and tranquility of the place.

You can simply admire the view and dive into the green/turquoise waters. What I loved most here was the unspoilt nature that makes Rovinia a truly idyllic place.

9. Sidari & Canal d’Amour

Canal d'Amour in Paleokastritsa

No longer really in Paleokastritsa, but only 30mns by car or around 2h by bus, the Canal d’Amour is still well worth a visit.

True, there will probably be a few tourists, as it’s a famous place, but once you’ve seen it, you can simply choose to go down to the beach and relax.

Pro tip: if you have a waterproof bag, I suggest you put your clothes and belongings in it and swim to the nearest cove, following the cliff on your left. You’ll have the place to yourself and can enjoy the view at your leisure.

10. The Blue Eye Cave

Blue eye cave in Paleokastritsa

You don’t even need to take a tour to get there – just hire a pedalo and you’ll find it yourself. Just follow the tour boats if you get lost.

And the closer you get, the bluer the water becomes, hence the cave’s name. I loved diving inside the eye among the fish! Make sure you bring a mask or goggles, and watch your head before swimming under the eye!

In a nutshell

Greece is one of the countries I visit regularly in Europe. The beaches, the food, the people make me want to come back every time. Whether you’re adventurous or just want to relax under the sun and by the water, I think Greece is the place to do it.

And with so many islands to choose from, you’re sure to find one or more to your liking!

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