It’s on one of my days off working as an Au Pair that I decided to explore this island.

North Stradbroke Island, Minjerribah (traditional name) or «Straddie» is known to be the second-largest sand island in the world with a length of about 38 kilometres and 11 kilometres wide.

Well-known for its surf beaches and chill vibe, it makes for a perfect getaway from the bustling city of Brisbane.

Location of North Stradbroke island

North Stradbroke Island landscape

Its location is close enough to Brisbane to go there as a day trip. You first have to get to Cleveland (45mn by bus) and take a ferry there. I went with Big Red Cat, $20AUD for the round trip and it takes about 25mn for the passenger ferry or 45mn for the vehicle one.

You will land at Dunwich and can start explore from there. Well, only the North part of the island since the South is still wild.

What to see on North Stradbroke island in one day?

Most of the time, people visit Straddie and go to Point Lookout, Amity Point or/and Gorge Walk.
Truth is, there’s plenty to do even if you’re not into coastal walks. You can simply sunbathe, swim or go fishing.

Even walking in the main street is a sightseeing adventure. Kangaroos run wild in the middle of the traffic there. It should be said that there’s not a lot of inhabitants so this is probably why!

1. Point Lookout (“Mooloomba”) & North Gorge Walk

North Stradbroke Island

To get there, you only need to grab the bus at the harbour.
The bus service is really nice if you don’t have a vehicle as it can take you pretty much everywhere.

This spot is where you can also see whales (late May to Early November) from far away and is home to stunning surf beaches.

From there, you can do the North Gorge Walk. With its 1.2 kilometres of boardwalk, you can just admire the splendid scenery unfolding before your eyes.
I recommend to take as much time as you want to indulge yourself in the breathtaking views and marine life you will observe.

North Stradbroke Island walkway

One of the things that particularly amazed me was how the path was kind of split in two different parts.
One one side, you have a rough headland whereas the other side is composed of bushland.

2. Amity Point

Amity Point in North Stradbroke Island

Easily accessible with the same bus that takes you to Point Lookout, Amity Point is a small seaside village.
Perfect for spotting dolphins or fishing, it’s also a famous place for its sunsets over the bay.

This is the place I would advise you to spend the night especially if you plan on staying the weekend since you can pitch your tent at the Amity Point Camping.

3. Flinders Beach

Flinders beach in North Stradbroke Island
Flinders Beach in North Stradbroke Island

Perfect place for swimming, surfing and sunbathing, Flinders Beach is an 8 kilometres long sand beach stretching from Amity Point to Adder Rock.

As in Amity Point, you can do some camping here and enjoy the pristine beach as much as you like.

And that’s a wrap for this quick day trip to North Stradbroke Island. This itinerary is far from exhaustive but it can help you to plan a fun day on the island.
If you can spend more than a day there, I will recommend it. There’s plenty of accommodations available and you can definitely spend a whole weekend there just enjoying the atmosphere and the beauty of the island.

Personally, Straddie was the first island I visited. I can say that this discovery triggered a passion for them.

Who doesn’t love a nice and fun island life?!?

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