Brisbane in Australia

Some might say I didn’t take the easy way out when I left to live in Australia for a year. Especially without having a lot of money to my name or counting on the fact that it was the first time I’d really traveled.

People might call me crazy for literally choosing the place on the other side of the world!

How it all began

After a few years of study – which I have to say is of little use to me today – and fed up with the non-existent opportunities in my home country, I decided that a one-way ticket was the best way to quench the wanderlust I’d had since childhood.

A working holiday visa later and a very long flight (around 30 hours, no kidding), I landed in Brisbane, or Brissy for those in the know.

After a few weeks of doubts and questioning, I felt a sense of relief and belonging in this faraway place.

It was a first for me, so I decided to persevere, found a job and stayed for a whole year before moving on to other countries.

Why Australia?

Australia: the journey in finding my true self

It’s simple: the weather is fine practically all year round if you follow the seasons intelligently, it’s easy to get a Working Holiday Visa for the French at least, the sea, the sea and the sea!!!!

You’ll learn in time that I’m a fan of the ocean and that my goal is to live my life on a secluded island under a coconut tree!

Back to my first steps in Australia :
To put it simply, it was a culture shock between the hospitality of the people, the language, the way of saying hello (a hug for those wondering, no mushy kisses), the ease of finding a job and the salary…, to name but a few.

It’s a country where it’s easy to get around, despite the long distances between communities, and road-tripping is something of a must, and rightly so. You’ll never tire of the different landscapes you’ll see on your journey.

From the Great Ocean Road to the Outback, I was more than once amazed by what nature had to offer.

I fell completely in love with the country. I don’t really believe in love at first sight, but when it comes to the places I’ve visited, it’s a different story.

Many years later and after visiting a few countries, Australia remains one of my favorites, close to my heart and the first place where I found the freedom to be myself.

Australia will prove to be full of adventures, discoveries, beautiful encounters and fulfillment.

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