Traveling as a woman can sometimes be a little scary. Even if you’re a strong, independent and expert traveler, that doesn’t mean you won’t be frightened by certain situations or people. That’s why I’ve put together this list of accessories to make you feel safer, whether you’re traveling, but also in your everyday life.

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1. Safety/Emergency whistle

Whistle for safety travel
Photo by Jakob Braun on Unsplash

As an avid hiker, I find this little accessory very useful and indispensable. If you find yourself lost, in a distress situation or simply to warn someone of danger, the whistle is your greatest ally.

Not only for hiking, but also for everyday life, because you never know what kind of situation you might be faced with.

It doesn’t take up any space in your luggage and isn’t considered a weapon, so you won’t have to worry about it being used against you.

Here’s an example of emergency whistle!

2. Power bank

Another essential item to have in your hand luggage. In this digital age, with general comments like “my whole life is on my phoneโ€ฆ”, you can’t and shouldn’t go anywhere without a power bank. This is especially true in remote areas, or if you know you’ll be away all day on an excursion and have no idea where you’ll be able to recharge your phone in case it runs out of battery.

So it’s best to be prepared and have an extra battery that could save your life. I know mine has done this on several occasions when I’ve been traveling in remote areas and needed an extra boost to know how I’d get home.

3. First aid kit

First-aid kit
Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels

You should ALWAYS carry a first-aid kit! Of course, I’m not telling you to carry your whole pharmacy, but here are my essentials: tweezers, bandages, thread and needle, disinfectant (less than 100 ml), medicines and a survival blanket (you never know, especially if you’re a hiker). Mine fits easily into a small backpack and isn’t heavy at all. Better safe than sorry.

4. Padlock

TSA-approved padlocks are preferable, as customs officials won’t need to break your padlock if they have to examine your luggage.

Padlocks are another important feature, because if you’ve ever stayed in a hostel, you’ve probably found more often than not that lockers don’t have them and you have to rent one or bring your own. I feel safer with mine, knowing that I can leave my “valuables” in a locker or in my bag without having to carry them around all day while exploring a city.

Here‘s a website with accessory ideas if you’re interested!

5. Money belt

You know the most annoying thing about traveling and trying to be as minimalist as possible? Well, you tend not to pack a small handbag, so, of course, when you want to go out, you end up with nothing to put your money and passport in except your pockets (that is, if you’re wearing pants).

That’s where the money belt comes in. Small, concealable and practical, it’s one of the accessories you need to buy right away. Not only can you use it on a night out, but also to hide what’s valuable to you so that no one can steal it.

Here’s one you ladies might like! Simple but effective!

6. Tracking tags

Little man in the middle of a map

About the size of a quarter, these little objects are now very much in vogue, and rightly so, as they can help you find lost items quite easily. All you have to do is pair it with your phone and download the corresponding app.

People even hide them in their children’s backpacks or coats to track their movements and be alerted to unusual events.
To help you find your lost dog, keys, misplaced phone and more, smart tags are a great invention, aren’t they?

7. Door stop alarm

Have you ever found yourself in a hotel room, all alone, frightened by the slightest noise and uncomfortable? Finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings can be unsettling enough, so if on top of that you’re afraid of being woken up by a burglar or other intruder, your vacation won’t be so quiet and peaceful!

Simple, powerful and easy to transport, this little object will help you sleep more peacefully and warn you (quite loudly, thanks to its strident alarm) in the event of intrusion. Here‘s a link to one of them if you’d like to check it out!

In short

Solo travel, while scary, is actually wonderful because you’ll expand your horizons and open your mind more than you ever thought possible in the first place. But stepping out of your comfort zone can be pretty daunting and difficult, so I’ve put together this list to help put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your time and travel more freely! And don’t forget that you’re not the only solo traveler, and that you’ll find many helping hands in this wonderful and ever-growing community!

Don’t hesitate to check out my article on the “don’ts” when traveling alone!

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๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ Safety Whistle: LuxoGear Emergency Whistle

๐Ÿ’ต Money Belt: Money Belt for Travel Women and Men

๐Ÿšจ Door Stop Alarm: SABRE 120 dB Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm

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  1. These are great tips! Traveling alone as a female can be so scary. Thankful for tips like this to help women know how to protect themselves!

  2. So glad I found this article, because I had been looking for something like to share with some friends. Is it possible you can leave a link to the door alarm?

    1. Yes, seems like a basic tool but truly important and useful for a solo travel woman especially if you are sleeping alone in a hotel. Thanks for your comment, Melanie!

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